Is it possible to do wrong if one acts out of love? Love means respect for the child or the person. Every child has a destiny. If I as a parent have trust and faith in this and a will to carry the destiny of the child, then that gives a unique opportunity to know what is right. Trust gives us the courage to dare to be human and as humans we are constantly faced with choices. Man lives in the tension between good and bad. This is the challenge of life – to choose the “right path”. A choice has consequences and means risks – not to choose is also a choice, though without consciously facing the consequences.”

(Kirsten Nisted, Active Baby Care)

That it is the whole person who should choose to create the foundations for trust, we find if we search for the word “trust” on Microsoft Encarta online edition. What appears is a list of options for the word trust, one being trust as an emotion and then the word “faith” is equalled with trust.

Faith, an attitude of the entire self, including both will and intellect, directed toward a person, an idea, or—as in the case of religious faith—a divine being.”

(Microsoft Encarta Online,

Trust is also a commonly used law term and in Encyclopaedia Britannica we read that in Anglo-American law it means ”a relationship between people in which one has the power to handle property and the other has the privilege of receiving the benefits that come out of that property”. How much power do I need to let go off for others to receive the benefits? Do I get power by giving and receiving trust? Power can be a negatively charged word, but if we see it as effect and influence it can be used as something very nice, at least in my view of the world. Once again this good use requires an action including both the will and the mind. Motivation and skill.

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