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A UGL course is 5 days long, a total of 50 intense hours of leadership training

The training known as UGL is organized in a way where participants are meant to be able to share a succession of common experiences and to able to reflect and discuss these openly with confidence.

There a set of guidelines are in place for the UGL training allowing the above circumstances to be present in the most effective way. These guidelines are as follows.

  • Participants may not come and go during the training. The same goes for visitors och friends.
  • You should not plan any other evening activities during the five days.
  • As mentioned above nobody but the training participants are allowed to be present. Persons who are not participating in the training may not follow it in part or in full.
  • It might happen for some reason, like outside circumstances, that somebody out of the participants may need to cut the training short. If this happens, with reference to the guidelines stated above, the training should be restarted at another time.
  • UGL is held over five consecutive days. Those participating in the training should live on-site with full room and board.
  • Not counting the facilitators, there should be no less than eight participants in the training and no more than twelve.
  • The training is run by two facilitators who are specially qualified and trained for this purpose.
  • The UGL objectives are often referred to in the shape of an arrow, "Arrow of objectives", with several development objectives.

You will be reminded of these guidelines in the information pack you recieve before the training and also on-site when you arrive at the training. They are in place to assure that you get the most out the time you invest in your UGL training.