The training, Understanding Group and Leader, in short UGL, has been utilized as a basic leadership training within the Swedish Armed Forces for over 20 years. Lately, in the last decade it has also become very popular and widespread within corporations and other organizations. Now for the first time it is available in an international English UGL version and you will find all the dates and pricing here for UGL in English.

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The overall objective of the training is for you to become more effective in your role as a group member, leader and/or trainer.

UGL provides you with training regarding how a group develops and matures over time, the happenings in a group during the course of its development and what behaviour and/or actions that promote or inhibit a constructive development. In the concept of UGL, this is referred to as group dynamics. The training also addresses the problems and possibilities of leadership when it comes to the development of the maturity of the group. Also it works on what style of leadership that will promote both group development and task solving.

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Throughout the UGL training, learning is based on experiences of different situations that reflect group dynamics as well as enhance the understanding of your own role in these situations and dynamics.

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