We at UGL.biz are an agent that specializes in connecting clients with high quality suppliers of UGL English trainings.

We have been doing this succesfully for several years in the Swedish market through our site www.uglkurser.se and with the UGL training now being available in an international version we are expanding globally.

Markus Amanto

Markus Amanto,

We work on commision so you do not pay any more by using our services than you would by using the supplier directly. We are an independent agent and are very focused on helping you select a good leadership training for yourself.

We have our office in Stockholm, Sweden and if you have questions feel free to contact us.

UGL.biz is run by Altaleda AB, a company incorporated in Sweden. Our contact information is as follows.

Address: Box, SE-18625 Vallentuna, Sweden
Email: service[a]altaleda.com
Telephone: +46 8 580 800 40

If you send us an email, please remove the [a] in the email address above and replace it with an @-sign.