woman smilingFor years UGL has been the most popular leadership training in Sweden.

It is now available in an international version for the first time.

Here are some testimonials from previous participants.

What participants are saying about UGL

UGL helped me with my self discovery and made me grow as a human being. That much assurance and rewarding meetings with different indiviudals during five days, almost nobody gets that much during a whole life time! After attending UGL I feel much more present and pay more attention to the qualities I desire. What I mostly learned was to allow more inward time and to listen more attentively. THANK YOU!

Sanna Murray-Salander

Amazingly developing and rewarding. An important piece of my leadership puzzle.


UGL gave me new perspectives.

Ann Piates

Everybody who participates in UGL with open eyes and willingness to learn, simply can not avoid growing as a person.

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