This might sound like a small difference, but the change of perspective has meant so much to many people I have encountered.

I once met a man who was considered a steamroller by his co-workers. They felt he just ran them right over with his opinions and views of things. The conflict filled atmoshere changed drastically when they were instead able to appreciate his powerful strength in being a driving force in the group. What would a group without someone to drive it forward be? A stand still sportscar with phenomenal rescources but with out the ability to move the accelerator towards the floor. The person we are talking about here felt seen and appreciated when the group changed their view of his behavior and he felt he did not have to try as hard to feel important in the group. This lead to him being more relaxed and more receptive for the feedback about his overdone strength, meaning being perceived as a steamroller. He was able to listen deeply and with the new found trust this dialogue created in the group he was able to use somewhat less of his overdone strength and this in turn made a huge difference in the groups work and efficiency.

To create a climate where we can honor each others strengths and support one another in the work on our so called weakness, that is a key great success in group work. It is taking a giant leap on a path of respect, effectiviness and deep human satisfaction that is worth immense amounts of money to any business and enourmous amounts of love to a family.

Markus Eriksson

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