Ann Falkén is a UGL trainer

With a past from ABB as well as the Swedish National Bank, Ann has 20 years of experience of the financial sector and several years experience as a manager.

Group Development

Ann has chosen to add to her degree in Economics by studying communication, group development, conflict management and leadership. She has used that new knowledge and referenced it back to her own experience as a team member and manager.

Today she runs a business that offers group development, personal development and leadership development to companies in the Stockholm area.

Ann and UGL

Ann is a certified facilitator for UGL in accordance with the latest version of the course.

Other Certifications

Ann is also certified in the use of Susan Wheelan theory and model GDQ, which is short for Group Development Questionnaire. This is used to help groups understand where they are within the developmental stages of a group's life and what is needed for them to grow into an effective work group. 

She also has a University level of training within CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

More about Ann

Ann often hears from her course participants that she is perceived as genuine, trustworthy and reliable.