Eva Selleck is a UGL trainer

Eva has worked within the educational sector for most of her life, on different levels.

During the last ten years she has been responsible for the course at an art school for young adults with different kinds of neuropsychiatric diagnoses.

The drive to work as a UGL trainer

Eva has always had a genuine interest and dedication to facilitating learning and development.

The is how she states that:

"To see how people reach an understanding for the development and potentional of groups, for their own role and for their own leadership, makes me happy and gives me hope that a better world is possible!"

Other education related to groups and leadership

Eva is certified as a UGL trainer by the Swedish Defence College.

In addition to that she is also a certified user of GDQ, Group Development Questionaire (Susan Wheelan) which is a scientifically based assessment tool for groups and leaders. She is also certified user of "teambook", a web based development tool for groups (Teambook). 

She also participated in the facilitator training for both "Discover Collective Intelligence" and "Generating Collective Intelligence" (Zenergy).  

Personal about Eva

Eva has a great interest and dedication for environmental issues. Together with her family she has built their own house in an ecovillage on Österlen in Sweden.

During her spare time, when she does not work in the garden och socialize with family and friends, she likes to read a book or go for a walk along the ocean.