photo of jan ingerlund ugl facilitatorJan Ingerlund

Jan Ingerlund is one of the facilitators that you will meet at our UGL trainings. He has a long experience of working with UGL and is also one of the trainers in Sweden who trains future UGL facilitators.

Long experience and specially trained for the international UGL training

He is also one of the first facilitators in Sweden trained to lead the international version of this training. Jan has since the beginning of this century worked fulltime with the development of groups and leaders.

Before that he worked for over 17 years as both a sales person, trainer, sales director and regional manager in a number of larger service companies.

Also an outdoor expedition leader

Jan also has a great interest in outdoor activities and has more than 20 years of experience as an outdoor expedition leader. This includes activities such as sailing, sea kayaking, long distance skating and mountain trips on skis in the winter time. He leads courses in ice knowledge and trains new leaders for skating trips both in Sweden and in Finland.

He also arranges trainings and trips for sea kayaks that are both held near his home outside in the archipelago of Stockholm and in northern Norway at Lofoten. Many succesful events are the result of his combination of experience, intuition and commitment.

Trains other UGL facilitators

Jan Ingerlund has now apart from facilitating UGL trainings also been busy with upgrading the certification of other UGL facilitators so that they can work with the new upgraded version of the swedish training. He has been specially recruited for this assignment.