Jarl Silfverberg is a UGL trainer

Jarl's Background

In his background Jarl Silfverberg has amongst other things a university degree in social science. Later he educated himself further within the Swedish Armed Forces in the fields of psychology and leadership. 

He is trainer in group dynamics, as well as certified trainer for the courses UGL (Understanding Group and Leadership), FUGL (Enhanced UGL) and HUGL (Facilitator Training UGL). Apart from this Jarl is also trained in crisis management, personality diagnostics and testing.

Current Work

Until the year 2002 Jarl was employed at the Naval Base in Karlskrona as officer of the working environment. 

From the 1st of January 2002 he was employed at the Swedish Defence University in their Leadership Institution and responsible for the concepts of UGL, FUGL and HUGL. He also helped create new courses within group dynamics.

Experience from Team- and Leadership Work Outside UGL

Jarl's experience includes everything ranging from team development to seminars for managers.

Jarl's Motto

In the growth is where life is.

What Would You Have Done if You Were Not a UGL trainer?

Probably I would have worked with something else in the same field or in some form of creative work.