Meta Lagerström is a trainer for UGL courses in English.Meta Lagerström has been working with UGL for several years and is now able to hold the international UGL trainings in English. 

Throughout her professional life, she has been passionate of working with the area of communication.

She has many years experience in working with marketing communications and trademarks.

She has served as project manager and director of several companies, so she knows what it is like to be a leader. 

Based on the thesis that "a job is never better than its weakest link" Meta today focuses on communication between people in the workplace.

Meta works with individuals and leaders

Meta believes that all individuals can, and want to, develop - as long as the dialogue and trust is there.

She has worked as a consultant since 1997. 

Group dynamics, is a fascinating field, which led to her training in this area. Later she chose to become a UGL facilitator herself.

Education except UGL

Her education includes a Bachelor of Philosophy degree in behavioral targeting, a  coach training and certification supervisor for IPU (Institutet för Personlig Utveckling - Institute for Personal Development).

She is also trained in the GDQ (Group Development Questionnaire), based on Susan Wheelans group theory which is a scientifically tested tool for measuring team effectiveness, to see in what areas they need support.

More on Meta

Meta enjoys kayaking and is a sea kayaking guide on her free time.