Vallentuna September 25, 2011

A cooperation agreement has been signed between Altaleda AB (Altaleda) and the supplier regarding the mediation of course participants to the supplier's UGL courses through Altaleda's website ("" or "the site").

1. Altaleda's commitments

  1. Convey course participants to the supplier by providing the supplier with contact details and information for invoicing in the event of registration.
  2. Where applicable, receive and forward payment for UGL rate on behalf of the supplier.
  3. Keep the site updated with current information about UGL in general, as well as with articles and other information that makes the site perceived as valuable by visitors.
  4. Provide a quality assurance system on the site that increases visitor confidence in the suppliers listed on the site.

2. The supplier's commitments

  1. Deliver UGL courses that follow the Swedish Defense University's guidelines for implementing these courses.
  2. Send information/confirmation to participants after completed mediation
  3. In cases where the mediation concerns a notification, establish two-way direct contact with the participant to ensure that the notification is correct. If such contact cannot be established, inform Altaleda of this well in advance of the course and before any cancellation rules come into effect.
  4. Send information before the course to participants no later than two weeks before the start of the course
  5. Invoice the participant's company stating the course date and "UGL course brokered through" on the invoice. This applies except in cases where 1.2 above is applicable.
  6. Treat the information that the supplier receives from Altaleda confidentially and do not forward this information to third parties except in cases where this is necessary for the implementation of the course and in the event of legal requirements.
  7. To Altaleda pay a commission excluding VAT according to a separately agreed percentage or sum. Commission is not paid for people who only request information and do not later register for a course.
  8. Ensure that Altaleda continuously receives current and updated information to the site regarding the date of the course, course location and supervisor, as well as confirmation that information is approved for publication on the site.
  9. Inform Altaleda that the courses only have fewer than 3 places left or are fully booked.
  10. Ensure that the participant understands the cancellation rules for the current UGL course and, in the event of cancellation/rebooking, handle this process directly with the participant. Cancellation rules for the respective UGL course are displayed on the site in connection with registration for the respective course. When ordering information about education, however, no cancellation rules are displayed.
  11. Make sure that the customers with whom the supplier has a special agreement or equivalent are aware of how their notification should take place. Registrations from such customers that take place via the site will be invoiced according to the above commission model.
  12. Ensure that the necessary permissions for publishing photos on/information about course leaders on the site have been obtained.
  13. For this collaboration, it is assumed that the prices for course fees and board and lodging stated on the site are consistent with the regular prices that appear in the supplier's own marketing (website etc.).

3. Miscellaneous

  1. Altaleda reserves the right to contact participants partly with a brief questionnaire as part of the quality assurance of the supplier after the completed course and to market other activities on the site.
  2. If it emerges through the quality assurance that participants are not satisfied with the quality of the courses, and the supplier does not take effective change measures after dialogue, Altaleda has the right to terminate the cooperation with the supplier with immediate effect and remove all information about the supplier's leadership training from the sites. In the event of such termination, Altaleda reserves the right not to transfer any more participants to the courses after termination and to notify already registered course participants that the collaboration with the supplier has ended.
  3. If termination takes place in accordance with 3.2, Altaleda has the right to invoice the supplier in accordance with 2.7 for all mediated participants who participated in the course up to and including the day of termination and where invoicing has not already taken place. Altaleda also reserves the right to invoice the supplier for participants who have registered via the site but who have not yet participated in the course offered by the supplier.
  4. The cooperation can be terminated at any time by both parties. After such termination, the supplier's data will be removed from the site as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days of the termination.