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UGL courses are trainings that help you become more effective as a leader.

The name UGL is an abbreviation for Understanding Group and Leader. Through the UGL training you will get the opportunity to:

  • participate in an experience based training based on an experiential learning model
  • increase your insight into your own personality
  • learn how to identify and effectively handle conflicts
  • learn how to communicate in a way that is both clear and direct
  • learn about effective feedback, both how to give it and receive it
  • learn how to recognize different phases or stages in the development of a group
  • gain understanding for the need for different styles of leadership

Values that UGL is based on

There are some underlying values or perspectives that are the foundation for UGL. These values are:

  • The most important resource in an organization are people
  • In an organization the cooperation and contact between people should have the characteristics of openess, trust and a feeling of solidarity. It is not acceptable to cultivate attitudes and behaviours that can be viewed as lacking in respect for the dignity of others.
  • The collective resources of a group and its unity are decisive to whether or not and how a task will be completed. Understanding and knowledge of the interactions between persons are therefore vital to good leadership.
  • Leadership is defined as a manager's ability to create conditions that will allow the personalities, knowledge, interests, powers of initiative and willingness to cooperate of the co-workers, to be utilized to complete tasks at hand in the best possible way.

Added to this is also a clear value which emphasizes the fact that every person has potential for development and is unique. Potential for development is viewed as an alternative to a more static view of persons. Unique means that people are individuals and therefore not interchangable.

Uniqueness and development with UGL

Within UGL you will have the opportunity to experience processes of uniqueness and development - and in addition it is a real opportunity for you to be you. This is also aided by the UGL Guidelines to help you get the most out of your training.

We also believe that differences are enriching to a group and its work, even in situations of learning. It is therefore stressed that the group should be composed of persons from as different categories as possible. This includes differences in age, sex, professional background etc. Within the concept of UGL variation is seen as beneficial to the learning process.

Differences enrich, even in learning situations. The group should therefore be composed of people from as different categories as possible, differences in age, sex, professional background, etc. Within UGL variation is seen as beneficial to the learning process.