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We help you choose a UGL course that suits you

A UGL training has number of objectives including some things that you should be able to bring with you from your experience at the training. The basis of UGL is to allow for you to experience group dynamics within concrete situations and through those experiences understand your own role in these dynamics.

This means UGL is a training that requires your participation for you to gain the most out of the five days together with the facilitators and the rest of the group.

The list of objectives for UGL is a follows:

  • You should increase your insight into your own personality
  • You will be able to both identify and handle conflict
  • You will have the opportunity to experience an experiential learning model first hand
  • You should be able to communicate clearly and directly
  • You will be able to both receive and give effective feedback
  • You learn to perceive different phases or stages of a group’s development
  • You will understand the need for different leadership styles
  • You should leave the training with increased self-confidence and increased self-insight

These are so called development goals, meaning they are goals to strive towards and that we can always achieve higher levels of mastery at. The objective of the training is to move you in the direction of mastery of the skills above.

The overall objective of the UGL training is to increase your effectiveness as a trainer, group member and as a leader.